· National coverage including border posts

· Effective weapon for the SAPS

· Cost effective with affordable pricing options

· Toll free number to reach 24 hour National Control Centre

· Activated only by TRACKER

· ETSI Approval (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

· Cannot be removed without knowledge of location

· For personal safety, no external identification

· Only system operated by the SAPS


A small transponder, known as a TRACKER unit, is fitted to your vehicle by a trained member of the TRACKER Network installation team. Should your vehicle be stolen, you inform TRACKER's National Control Centre and they will help you through the activation process. The unit is then activated via satellite anywhere in the country through a nation-wide radio network. Once activated, the TRACKER Unit's signal is detected by the Police Tracking Computers, enabling them to quickly locate and recover the stolen vehicle. Download Retrieve application here.


Tracker Alert is an innovative system that acts like a silent guard, keeping a watchful eye over your parked vehicle. Once you have armed the Tracker Alert Unit, the Tracker 24-hour Alert Call Centre will be notified should any unwarranted movement of the vehicle be detected. Operators at the Call Centre will then phone you to confirm the incident. Should it emerge that your vehicle has been stolen, your Tracker system will be activated and the recovery team will spring into action. Download Alert application here.


SkyTrax is an Internet based solution, which is available to both the consumer and fleet customers. Customers are able to view their vehicles on the Internet through entering a username and password, which is as secure as Internet banking. All you need is a PC with access to the Internet. To locate your vehicle only takes as long as you take to log onto the Internet. SkyTrax customers are also able to select certain behavioral and area notifications, and to whom these notifications should be sent. Reports such as detailed trip logs, summary trip logs and exception reports are available on the Internet, at no additional cost. Download Skytrax application here.

Get Tracker Skytrax from R199 per month.


1.  Please download and complete the appropriate application above and fax to 0866896789 or email info@audiocoustics.co.za. Once your application has been processed, a member of the TRACKER Customer Care Team will contact you to confirm your details and another to make arrangements for the installation at a time and location convenient to you.

2. Installation will be carried out by one of our own trained installers.


3. Once TRACKER is installed, the Installation Technician will hand you a Welcome Pack which will provide you with detailed information about the unit and what to do when you need to activate the unit.


  • Tracker Retrieve - R120 monthly fee 

  • Tracker Alert - R179 monthly fee

  • Skytrax Consumer - R 199 monthly fee

  • Skytrax Fleet - R 302 monthly fee

(subject to a minimal annual escalation, usually in October )

  • Initial contract period : 36 Months


  • Tracker Retrieve -R1450 for Installation and R168 monthly subscription fee

  • Tracker Alert - R2200 for installation and R212 monthly subscription fee

  • Contract period : One Calendar Month

  • Tracker Skytrax Consumer - R2999 for installation and R222 monthly subscription fee

  • Tracker Skytrax Fleet - R 2999 for installation and R 219 monthly subscription fee

  • Contract Period : 24 Months


  • Heavy and Medium commercial vehicles attract an additional fee of R200

  • De- and Re-Installation - R375 for Tracker Retrieve, R730 for Tracker Alert, R 850 for Skytrax Consumer and Fleet

  • Testing the system - On Site R180 for Retrieve and Alert

All prices quoted include VAT