Audiocoustics provides solutions in the field of audio and video. The menu on the left represents a sample of what we offer. Owner managed Audiocoustics renders a highly personable service. With our small staff complement we are often not able to field telephone calls so Whatsapp and emails are most conducive to a prompt reply. We welcome that you send pics to support your enquiry. If necessary our representative will visit your site to assess your requirements. A quote will be provided. We invite all enquiries that challenge our skills and experience in the realm of technology. Our services include, most things audio and video related, residential and commercial, CCTV, security systems, satellite TV, electronic gate motors and remote controls, electronic gate locks, motor vehicle security, car central locking, car hands free kits, reverse and rearview camera systems, car air conditioning and public address systems. Many manufacturers do offer training courses and specific guidelines for the installation of their product. When it comes to installations of generic, seemingly DIY plug and play products, where the manufacturer offers little installation guidance you rely entirely on the experience of the installer. That is where the success of your purchase rests. That is why you would want us to do your installation. 

About us

Founded in 1990 by audiophile Gary Knipe, Audiocoustics has supplied, serviced and installed devices during both the analogue and digital eras. There is no substitute for experience. We can inject life into your older electronic components. Newer wireless devices can be intergrated with older wired systems. Audiocoustics supplies and installs multi room systems commonly found in restaurants. Nobody could have predicted the resurgence of vinyl and turntables that we see today. Multichannel Audio Visual amplifiers with digital sound processing technologies replaced stereo integrated amplifiers in the nineties. Due to the reduced demand for LP's and turntables AV amplifer manufacturers dropped the phono input from their products. That has now driven many stereo integrated amplifiers out of storage. Audiocoustics provides a vast array of services as required by the integration of digital technologies. Subsequent to the analogue vs digital battle technological advancement came in the form of wireless technologies like Bluetooth and wifi audio streaming which are set to dominate for the forseeable future. Amongst the many varied services we supply are installs, removes, refits, audio and video upgrades to cars, boats, trucks and caravans. Our services are delivered at homes, businesses and major shopping centres.

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