You can now enjoy the ultimate driving experience, thrill and comfort of taking your foot off the accelerator pedal and allowing the AutoCruise to maintain the speed you have selected, while you have complete control over the vehicle at your fingertips. Considering the long distances we travel in South Africa and the associated discomfort resulting from having your body and foot in one position all the time, fitting an AutoCruise is a wise investment. Tests conducted on drivers that use cruise controls confirm that the reduced levels of driving stress result in a more alert, and therefore a safer driver.

• Avoid unintended speeding fines.
• Easy to operate, safe, reliable and accurate.
• Reduce driving stress and arrive more relaxed.
• Put the pleasure back into driving.
• Improved fuel economy.
• Suitable for all vehicles, manual or automatic, petrol or diesel, conventional or drive-by-wire.
• National network of approved fitment centres.
• 12 Month warranty. 

AutoCruise meets the most stringent international quality and safety standards. Ongoing research and development ensures total compatibility with the latest vehicle electronics. Vehicle specific kits have been developed to ensure the highest quality standards. New self-learning technology ensures control parameters are set perfectly. The control unit will constantly monitor all safety control parameters and will automatically switch the cruise control off if any of the following is detected:
Speed drops to more than 20% below the set value
Any electrical connection is lost
Any failure occurs on the brake light circuit
Tested and approved by TUV and satisfies all the latest European automotive accessory directives.

How It Works 
The AutoCruise system is user friendly, safe and easy to operate. Start the vehicle, accelerate and stabilise the vehicle at the required speed, press “Set” on the command and the cruise control will take over the accelerator control from your foot and ensure that the set speed is maintained. The command allows you to increase or decrease the set speed. Should traffic conditions change, the cruise control can be disengaged by switching the cruise off or by pressing the “Coast” cruise function on the command or by pressing the brake or clutch. To return to the previous set speed after the unit was disengaged, press the “Resume” button on the command. The minimum engaging speed can be set to meet the customer’s requirements. Normally this is set at 45 km/h.

AutoCruise Electric
For all vehicles with conventional accelerator cables. (Non - Drive by wire)

AutoCruise By Wire
The latest fully electronic vehicle specific cruise control kits is now available for most drive by wire vehicles.(Vehicles with an electronic throttle pedal) 

AutoCruise Canbus By Wire
These kits are now available for a selection of drive by wire vehicles with Canbus communication.

AutoCruise Speed Limiter
The speed limiter can be supplied on its own or alternatively as a part of the AutoCruise By Wire system. This option can only be supplied to drive by wire vehicles.

AutoCruise Original
Factory type plug and drive cruise controls for certain VW, Audi & Toyota drive by wire models.

Command photos 
Please contact us for the ideal command for your vehicle from the wide range of stylish commands. Original factory type commands are available for certain models of the following vehicles: Audi, Volkswagen and Toyota.